Cross-game digital avatar platform Ready Player Me is launching branded character skins with a variety of major brands and IPs, including Angry Birds game studio Rovio, the TV talent show “The Voice,” and Warner Music Group (WMG). Through the upcoming Premium Skins Catalog, brands will be able to sell skins and custom content directly to users. Virtual Brand Group CEO Justin Hochberg believes this will help them connect with younger audiences, as digital assets and custom skins are becoming increasingly popular. WMG has also been collaborating with NFT digital fashion firm DressX and OpenSea since late 2022. UMG will be launching skins inspired by its German metal band Electric Callboy as well as hip-hop lifestyle brand Stoked. This is good news for gamers and music fans as it allows them to express themselves and show off their fandom in the digital world. #ReadyPlayerMe #AvatarPlatform #BrandedSkins #VirtualFashion

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Angry Birds, ‘The Voice’, Warner Music Artists to Launch Avatar Skins via Ready Player Me

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