Applied Digital, a blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure provider, has opened a new 200-megawatt (MW) data center in Garden City, Texas. This is the company’s third blockchain hosting facility and will bring their total hosting capacity to 480MW. A megawatt (MW) is equal to one million watts, while a gigawatt (GW) equals one billion watts. Bitcoin miners use such power to produce hashes, which are needed to construct the network’s next block of transactions. Applied Digital earns $22 million in revenue from hosting other miners during the quarter ending in May 2023. They are turning their focus away from Bitcoin mining and toward high-performance computing (HPC), which requires access to large data centers, cooling systems, and cheap energy. Despite this move, Applied Digital stock on the NASDAQ fell 5.3% on Friday. #AILife #DataCenter #BitcoinMining #BlockchainHosting

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