Upland, a blockchain-based real estate collecting and trading game, announced a $7 million Series A extension raise on Friday, led by EOS Network Ventures. This follows the initial $18 million Series A raise in 2021. The injection of capital will go to adding more features for the game, such as intensified marketing strategy, third-party developer tools, and an Ethereum token. Upland has over 3 million registered players and has partnered with big sports organizations such as FIFA and the NFL Players Association. Built on the EOS network, Upland has gradually expanded over the years, and continues to do so even as buzz around the “metaverse” has subsided. The Series A extension will also fund Upland’s move to make its in-game Spark token tradable on Ethereum. Ripple’s favorable court ruling also helped sway Upland to propose the initiative. Upland Co-CEO and co-founder Dirk Lueth stated that gaming will drive adoption in general, but it won’t happen overnight. This is good news for the EOS ecosystem, as well as Upland players and investors, as it signals continued development in the space. #Upland #EOS #CryptoGaming #Metaverse

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