Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, recently expressed his fears for the future of the crypto industry during an AMA on Farcaster. He worries that projects such as privacy and open internet infrastructure could become forgotten causes. When asked what he thinks about most of the time, he replied that it was AI-related issues and how the Ethereum community could engage with them. Buterin has also highlighted the need for a “really good proof-of-personhood system” to ensure that humans can coexist with the rise of smarter bots. He is also concerned that regulatory policy in tech could be decided by AI in the next decade, instead of the decentralized ideals that have been the driving force of crypto. Despite this, Buterin shared praise for decentralized social media platforms such as Farcaster and Lens Protocol. He hopes that they can become as big as Meta one day.

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