Universal Music Group (UMG) is leading a lawsuit against AI developer Anthropic, seeking $75 million in damages for unauthorized use of its music to train AI models. Joining UMG in the lawsuit are Concord Music Group, ABKCO, Worship Together Music, Plaintiff Capital CMG, and others listed as “publishers”. The lawsuit accuses Anthropic of feeding the songs of artists they represent into its AI models dataset without permission. UMG is hoping to underscore the need for AI developers to abide by established copyright laws and respect the creative community whose contributions are the backbone of the AI service. In addition to the lawsuit, UMG has inked a deal with Singapore-based AI developer Bandlab Technologies, who are part of the Human Artistry Campaign that aims to ensure AI technology is developed and used in ways that support human creativity. #ArtistsRights #UMGvsAnthropic #AILawsuit #HumanArtistryCampaign

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Universal Music Group Files Sues Anthropic Claiming ‘Widespread Infringement’

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