Baidu—often described as the Google of China—has announced Ernie 4.0, a significant step forward in its AI ambitions that features comprehensive upgrades to its core abilities, understanding, generation, reasoning, and memory. Baidu is planning to infuse its suite of services with the AI capabilities of Ernie 4.0, much akin to Google’s strategy of integrating AI across its products. Meanwhile, another Chinese tech firm, Alibaba, has opted for a more open approach by releasing two open-source models targeting the enterprise sector. On the Western front, the narrative is equally riveting as Google and Microsoft battle for AI supremacy in the U.S. Every stride these tech behemoths make, whether in the East or West, the global map of AI integration continues to evolve. #AI #Ernie4.0 #Baidu #Alibaba #GPT-4

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: East Meets West: Baidu’s New Ernie 4.0 Chatbot Embodies China’s Growing AI Ambitions

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