Ripple has posted a job opening for the role of ‘Shareholder Communications Senior Manager.’ The job is listed for New York and Miami in the U.S. and for London, U.K. The job posting has led many to believe that the company may be preparing to go public. The opening in question involves a direct line of communication with shareholders, which is associated with a publicly traded company.

As per the post, the person will “be responsible for the communications and relationship management strategy/execution for key groups of existing and prospective investors, current shareholders, and financial analysts.” As per the New York opening, the individual will receive a salary between $143,792—$179,740 USD.

Many XRP proponents believe that the job posting is a hint that Ripple may be preparing to go public very soon. Moreover, many executives at the company have suggested on multiple occasions that the firm could go public. However, they have always refrained from giving any tentative time frame.

Many have suggested that a Ripple IPO (Initial Public Offering) could help skyrocket XRP’s price. Some have even suggested a 20 times surge for the token’s price, hitting $10 overnight. The company will most likely earn massively on share sales if an IPO were to take place.

However, we do not have any confirmation from the company whether they will actually go public or not. The firm recently had a milestone partial victory against the U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), which led to a sudden surge in XRP’s price. Coupling that with an IPO will most likely bring forth another bull run for the fifth-largest crypto by market cap.

Ripple has posted a job opening for the role of ‘Shareholder Communications Senior Manager’, which has led to speculation that the company may be preparing to go public. If the company were to choose to go public, XRP’s price could skyrocket and the company would likely gain massive profits from share sales. However, no confirmation has been given from Ripple and there is no definite timeline for an IPO. #Ripple #XRP #IPO #ShareholderCommunications

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