Dr. James Wan, a Georgia-based physician, entered a guilty plea for using Bitcoin to organize a murder-for-hire plot via the dark web. He sought out a hitman to make it look like his girlfriend had died in a carjacking gone wrong and was trying to pay for the contract with multiple Bitcoin payments totaling around $24,200. The sinister plot was foiled by the Department of Justice and Wan is now awaiting sentencing before a federal court in January 2024. This is not the first instance of someone using Bitcoin in an attempt to hire a hitman, as similar cases have been seen in the past few years. This news is a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of using Bitcoin for illegal activities, as it will not be able to protect them from the law. #BitcoinCrime #MurderForHire #CryptoCriminal #DarkWebCrime

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Doctor Pleads Guilty to Using Bitcoin to Hire a Hitman in Murder Plot

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