Ethereum metaverse game Decentraland has revealed its plans for the AI World Fair, to be hosted in the online sandbox game next week from October 25-27. The event will bring together experts in artificial intelligence, metaverse worlds, and Web3 alongside companies like NVIDIA, Rainbird, and SingularityNET. The event will explore how AI is used and its positives and negatives, as well as future developments in gaming, fashion, Web3, and wider society. Dr. Ben Goertzel, the creator of Sophia the Robot, will lead a talk on the synergy between AI and virtual worlds, and Yemel Jardi, Executive Director of the Decentraland Foundation, will lead a discussion on deploying AI responsibly. Featured exhibitors include Inworld, Rainbird, Singularity.NET, Flippit, Twin Protocol, Powder, and NVIDIA, who will show off breaking AI tech. Decentraland’s roadmap for 2024 suggests they want to host one three-day event a month, with each one focusing on a different theme. This event was created by Decentraland, The Metaverse Land Company, and Web3 development company Verse Digital. This event is important for educating people about AI and its potential, while also addressing potential harm and societal concerns. #AI #Decentraland #Metaverse #Web3

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: What to Expect From the AI World Fair in Decentraland

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