Daniel Alegre, CEO of Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs, published a lengthy essay on Twitter outlining the challenges and shortcomings the company has faced with game development, including for their upcoming metaverse game Otherside. Alegre acknowledged the technical issues with their latest game Legends of the Mara, and the need to rely on seasoned gaming partners to help build experiences. The company has also undergone a “restructuring” which involved laying off some U.S. staff. Alegre also noted the strained relationship between CryptoPunks NFTs and Bored Ape NFTs, and that they are giving the Meebits NFTs a space in Otherside with Meetropolis. Yuga Labs is looking to outside partners to help build and refine its future gaming experiences, with its work with Hadean, Faraway, Big Rhino, and Roar all dedicated to making Otherside a reality. This is part of why Yuga Labs is focusing on the long term and striving to deliver better quality experiences.

This news reveals the challenges that Yuga Labs has faced with game development and their plans to move forward. While it is not positive news that there have been technical issues and layoffs, the company is looking to outside partners to help build and refine gaming experiences and ensure better quality experiences in the future. #YugaLabs #Otherside #Metaverse #GameDevelopment

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