Crypto wallet provider Ledger has partnered with art auction house Sotheby’s to offer exclusive benefits to digital art collectors. The tie-up entails that beginning in 2024, buyers of the most valuable digital art at Sotheby’s will receive a limited-edition Ledger x Sotheby’s Nano X hardware wallet. The partnership will also soon feature the introduction of a special edition of the Ledger Stax. Additionally, Sotheby’s elite collectors can enjoy a premium “white-glove concierge onboarding” facilitated by Ledger, which will seamlessly integrate them into the Ledger Academy’s educational resources. This move comes amid Ledger’s strategy to become a key player in the digital art world. Last year, the firm began development on an NFT Art collection and set up a fund specifically for aiding artists globally.

As for Sotheby’s, the auction house is hoping to merge its new interest in the digital art space with higher security standards via Ledger’s offering. They have also organized notable auctions like “Grails” that featured prominent digital artworks as well as an auction dedicated to legendary generative artist Vera Molnàr. “From announcing our secondary market platform as part of Sotheby’s Metaverse to further developments to be announced later this year, our goal remains to build a comprehensive digital art environment for collectors, and this partnership with Ledger is a key step in that development”, said Fahey.

This partnership between Ledger and Sotheby’s is great news for digital art collectors, as they will now be able to enjoy exclusive benefits such as limited edition hardware wallets and premium white-glove concierge onboarding. The partnership also extends to the development of an NFT Art collection and a fund for aiding artists, in order to further integrate digital art into the mainstream market.

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